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Electrical Panel Change

Your electric panel is one of the most important systems in your home and can also be one of the most dangerous. Call us to inspect your electrical panel and determine the best and safest option for your home.

EV Charging Stations

Our experts can install any  EV Charger or charging stations.

Fan Installation

Do you need a new fan or want to replace an old one? Apex Electric is here to help you with the installation. Purchase your fan and whether the installation requires new wiring or preexisting wiring, our skilled electricians will find the best solution

Switches and Dimmers

An easy way to control your lighting is to install a dimmer switch. Dimmers also reduce energy consumption by cycling lights off, increasing bulb life. Contact us to get started on your dimming switch installation.

Home Generators

Home generator is a source of backup power that allows you to continue using essential appliances and lights during a blackout. Our experts will be happy to assist you in choosing and installing a generator that will be most suitable for your home. 

Pendant lighting

Pendant lights are a versatile way to customize the lighting in any space. Contact us today to install your pendant light.

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